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Emmanuel FORGUES
Courbevoie, France
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Emmanuel Forgues comes from a family of industrialists in the north of France. He inherited a rich and varied culture. His mother’s family passed on to him a sensitivity to painting. His father gave him a love of Baroque music. However, Emmanuel chose a different path. He devoted himself to the sciences.

He completed his studies in computer engineering. He then took a double degree at Sciences Po Paris. Despite this, drawing remains an essential part of his life. He uses drawing to express his thoughts. He also draws to entertain his children and share his affection.

Over the last three or four years, drawing has become a refuge for Emmanuel. It’s a place where he can express his emotions and rebuild his life. Vera Velikaya, his partner, supports him in this artistic process. For him, drawing is more than a hobby: it’s a form of meditation and self-expression that brings him peace.

In his artistic research, Emmanuel explores different mediums and styles. His works on display tell the story of this exploration and invite us to discover hidden links. Influenced by his passion for the tango, shared with Vera, and by moving photographs, his creations reflect movement and expression. Each work is charged with emotion and memory, allowing visitors to connect with their own experiences.

Those who want to find out more about Emmanuel Forgues’ approach and creative expression can find many of his drawings on his Instagram account “good4yoo”. This offers a window into his unique artistic perspective.